Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hudson 3 years 3 months

I remain a delight and a terror wrapped up in one amazing bundle of boy!


**I had that nasty cough not too long ago and I went to the doctor.  I was fine, but it did give us a chance to have updated stats.  I am 39 pounds and I am 38.5 inches tall. 

**Preschool: I started a 3's preschool this year, in Sherwood.  It was not a good experience.  Most of the kids were older than me and the teacher was expecting me to sit at the carpet for 30 minute stretches.  She emailed my mom about all the things I wasn't doing right and even sent pictures of me crying to meme and papa.  After 3 days, mom and dad decided it wasn't a good fit and I started going to WonderKids; a preschool based out of The Little Gym.  I love Teacher Ben and Teacher Sean.  I get to work at centers where I do arts and crafts, build with blocks and play with cars.  Then I get circle time with a song and movement.  Then we do a group activity followed by a snack.  Then I get 45 minutes of gym class followed by another round of centers and we end with story time. 

**My speech is coming along nicely.  I am a lot more consistent with my initial 's' sound and develop more sounds all the time.  If I talk slowly people can understand quite a bit.  If I get excited, I am still hard to understand at times. 

I have learned some new words--which does pose a problem now that I talk more clear.  Mom and dad have a hard time not laughing when I uses them.  Here's an example of one conversation.

(Family eating dinner....Huddy drops watermelon slice)
H: Oh Fuck. Daddy pick up my watermelon please
D: Hudson, that's an adult word
H: Please?!  (looking puzzled)

**I have met a babysitter in town.  Amber is a lot of fun and I have enjoyed two evenings with her already while mom and dad go to Blazer Games.

**I am potty trained and love wearing my 'unders'.  Of course, I have a few accidents here and there and mom isn't quite brave enough to attempt overnighters yet, but overall, I'm a big boy!  Thank you Tammy for all the help with this!!

**I love camping, cars, playing outdoors, cars, the pumpkin patch, cars, splashing in puddles, cars, going for walks, cars, swim lessons, cars, visits with meme and papa, did I mention I like cars??

First day of preschool

Tire Swing Fun

Camping at Champoeg

Pumpkin Patch

To Infinity
And Beyond

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Family Pictures

Photo Fun

Did someone say "Jump"?

Enough with the camera

Motley Crew

Sibling Love

Monday, September 4, 2017

Hudson's 3rd Birthday Party

We had a great time celebrating Hudson's third birthday at The Little Gym with our friends and family.  Thank you to Lonnie Thurston for taking such fabulous photos.  Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate.