Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hudson Week 31

* This week is Spring Break so I get to spend all my time with mommy and daddy!
* They took me to the zoo and I loved watching the Polar Bear swim by and the Penguins during feeding time.
* Peas are OK
* I enjoy drinking from a cup
* Mommy has been transitioning me into my crib for night time.  The first couple of nights I was a pain but last night I did great.
* I am moving a lot more.  Not crawling but if something is out of reach I have found really creative ways to get to the toy I want.
* Remote controls, cell phones, and other electronics really interest me.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hudson Week 30

* I LOVE carrots; the colder the better!
* I still love to Raspberry; anytime, anyplace, anyone!
* I also squawk
* The adults this week have been sad as they have said goodbye to the person they call Grandpa Don.  I've done my best to keep their spirits up!
* I like laughing at daddy
* Chewing on my bib is still one of my favorite activites
* 30 weeks just doesn't seem possible!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hudson Week 29

* I tried 'real' food for the first time this week and I realized that I DON'T like Green Beans
* I am learning that the spoon isn't so bad when it has rice cereal
* Mommy and Daddy got me a few new toys to play with
* I am drooling like crazy....more teeth must be close
* We celebrated Daddy's birthday




Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hudson Week 28

* I like rice cereal. I don't like oatmeal cereal. I make a funny face when I drink apple juice.
* I had a great time in Dallas on Saturday meeting my Great Aunt Susie and Cousin Tina
* Tennis season started this week so mommy and daddy are really busy but trying hard to give me all the attention I crave
* I am very distracting to the tennis ladies on court =)
* I got my first baseball hat and my sunglasses are in the mail

Always lookin' up to my daddy!

Laundry fun

Reading with Cousin Rachel