Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hudson 18 months

* I have my third word....on (which often is said more like on....ononononon)
* I cut my 12th, 13th and 14th tooth this month.  Now it's just two more and then my 2 year molars
* I got my second hair cut
* I go down the slides at the park sitting up
* I love to climb on everything; the chairs, couches, play structures
* I have developed a sweet tooth; especially for warm chocolate chip cookies and M & M's. 
* I also learned that I like baked potato and chili and grapefruit, ranch on french fries, soup broth and much more; I am willing to try new foods (often I spit them out, but I am willing to try)
* I got my own basketball hoop and love playing with daddy
* I spent this last weekend with grandma and grandpa while mom and dad led team camp at the beach
* I still love swim lessons and Little Gym

18 months

Checkin' out a field

Grandpa makes 'em earn his keep!


Loves his Little Gym

Slide at Little Gym