Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hudson 20 Months

*It's amazing the difference antibiotics can make.  This month I was happy and healthy all the time.
*Tennis is keeping daddy really busy.  I try to visit when I can but it's been hot and I don't always like watching.  I do enjoy playing in the stairwell and running around outside.
*I am sleeping through the night more often and that makes mommy very happy (although she hasn't said much about it because she doesn't want to jinx it)
*I still have a hard time going to sleep
*I broke daddy's elbow this month while rough housing
*My favorite places to be are outside or in the bath
*I recently discovered corn on the cob...Yum!
*I love to drive; my table top car, mommy's car, the golf cart or Grandpa's Mustang.