Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hudson Week 5

I continued my random schedule this week and was even fussier at times (see picture down below).
I am still spitting up and gassy (notice outfit change during photo shoot)
I am now taking between 3-4 ounces each feeding
If I'm super fussy mom knows a bath will calm me down; I LOVE my baths
I am beginning to mimic things I see adults do.  Today I learned how to stick out my tongue and am working on waving

Just a glimpse at our week

Thankfully the binky calms us all down

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hudson Week 4

*This week I decided I didn't need to follow a schedule; some days I sleep A LOT, other days I don't sleep except at night.  Some times I eat every 3-4 hours and other days every 1-2.  I try to give mom and dad a break and at least sleep at night.  I am crabbier than normal and can't always tell if I am hungry, sleepy, gassy, hot, cold or just fussy and I have been spitting up more this week too.
 *I have transitioned into level 1 diapers and am on the verge of transitioning to the next nipple size on my bottle.

*Mom and dad think I have grown and even did their own measurements.  If they are right, I am now 22 inches long and about 10 pounds.
*If I'm awake when I meet someone new, they always comment on how alert I am.  If I am sleeping, they mention my hair. 

Doin' the Fonz..."Hey"

I am to big to lay down and almost big enough to sit up.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hudson Week 3

I am still eating about every 3 hours and sleeping well at night
My belly button is all healed up so I get to start taking real baths
I am becoming more and more alert and really focusing on things when they catch my eye
Tummy Time is becoming more enjoyable and I also like time on my back to explore my world
I enjoy reading The Belly Button Book, Peek A Who and Guess How Much I Love you
I am a very gassy baby and am fussy in the late afternoons and evenings
Mommy and I got a bit bored this week without any visitors.  Please come see us if you have time!

Everywhere I look that mouse is staring at me!

I barely fit this way anymore. 
Snuggling with my Mickey Doll's

Friday, September 5, 2014

Hudson Week 2

Yesterday I became 2 weeks old.
The doctor says I am growing well.
I now weigh 9.05 ounces and am still 21 inches long.
During my PKU test, I feel asleep on momma instead of crying.
Overall, I continue to be a good baby; sleeping about 3 hours at a time and eating about 2.5-3 ounces at a time.  I do have moments when I cry, but its usually because I'm hungry, tired or gassy.
This week, I have had the privilege of meeting more of mommy and daddy's friends and family!  I look forward to meeting more and more as my life goes on.

I know I don't look much bigger yet but I am growing and will soon be able to sit up for my pictures

My eyes are starting to focus, and the black mickey face sure caught my attention during camera time