Monday, May 22, 2017

Hudson 2 years 9 months

*Did you know about the Easter Bunny?  He's pretty cool.  I got to hunt for eggs, each chocolate and I got new cars
*Over Spring Break my parents took me to the beach where I got to have a Jacuzzi tub, a pool and a trip to the aquarium
*I am happy now that the parks are drier and I get so much time to play outside
*I enjoy bubbles and soccer in the back yard
*Dancing in the car is fun
*I have been taking private swim lessons and enjoy my time in the water with Teacher Kayla
*My Godparents came over and we had a great brunch
*I enjoy play time with my friends; Lucas and Colson
*I'm looking forward to camping a lot this summer; every time we see an RV I remind mom and dad that I want to go camping
*I am speaking so much and my speech therapist says I'm about ready to graduate
*I even 'read' books with mommy and daddy.  I have a lot of the parts memorized and it's fun to all read together
*I got sick and discovered what it means to throw up.  That isn't fun!
*I went to the dentist for the first time; he says my teeth look great and I enjoyed riding up and down in the chair and playing with the water squirter
*Fred Meyer Playland is so much fun!  I love when momma goes grocery shopping
*I am sad that Papa R passed away and we can't see him anymore
*I love the Cars' Movie and even own 17 of the Cars' cars
*I love to eat bell peppers like apples and I sure get funny looks from people at the store
*Mom and dad can tell I am getting taller, more and more things are within my reach

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


17 years ago a stanch and quiet and slightly intimidating man invited me in to his home for the weekend as his youngest sons girlfriend.

I spent that weekend slowly getting to know you through pictures and stories. Matt went down to take a shower and I was sitting upstairs with you in your chair watching a muted tv show and listening to the coo coo clock tick. I knew I couldn't do that for more than a few minutes so I reached over and took a photo album of the shelf. I believe I asked you about a picture of a tree and then a pool made from a tarp in the bed of a truck. 

You came to life with stories.  I began looking forward to visiting and hearing more. 

Over the years, our relationship grew to include inside jokes and stories and moments others may not understand but I will treasure for the rest of my life!  I could try to explain them here for others, but I wouldn't do them justice...  I learned about you through your love for your family, your country, cooking, gardening, college basketball, politics, camping, hunting, Indiana, Crystal Gayle, folk music and the Opry. You were an amazing cook and I always looked forward to a meal with you.  Whether it was garden fresh zucchini stuffed with sharp cheddar chess and ham,  biscuits and gravy,  pulled pork, chicken, hamburgers or pizza!  Dinners with you were always good for the soul!  I will always treasure our camping trips; the fireside stories,  camp loop walks, games and food.

2 and a half years ago, you welcomed your final grandchild.  Watching you rock Hudson while humming and singing to him so Matt and I could eat a delicious meal you cooked was a welcomed moment in our week.  He loved completing puzzles with you, swinging and rocking and you helped create his love for hot wheels!  Huddy loves Papa R!

April 25th, God welcomed you home.  You will be missed in person but will live on in spirit, stories, memories and pictures!

God saw him getting weaker, 
And a cure was not to be
God put His arms around him, 
And whispered: "Come to Me."
With tearful eyes, we watched him fade
And slowly slip away.
Although we loved him dearly, 
We could not make him stay.
The golden heart stopped beating, 
His loving hands at rest. 
God broke our hearts to prove to us, 
He only takes the best.

(author unknown)

Ralph Henry Rubrecht: RIP 4-25-17
We will miss you!