Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hudson Week 36

* This week, I have either been in a really good mood or really moody.
* My fourth tooth popped through.  Now I have two bottoms and my two upper fangs. 
* With how much I am chewing on my hand, bib, toys, etc... everyone's guessing yet another tooth is close.
* I enjoyed trying pear, watermelon and honeydew this week. 
* I love to pull myself up and stand with support
* I can get into a plank position, and even on hard surfaces, scoot myself backwards in a crawl. 
* I have enjoyed lots of outdoor time at Tennis this week

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hudson Week 35

* I have had an amazing week; lots of smiles, very playful and so so close to crawling (if I would just move my other leg out of the way, I'd be good to go)
* It turns out that as much I liked beets, they didn't like me.  This week I did try pear which I loved and also got introduced to some banana puffs; yummy!
* I got a new play yard; its fun to play in and momma and daddy know I'm safe
* I turned 8 months this week
* I have another new tooth on the way, but thankfully no pain to go with it, yet.....

35 weeks

8 months

My play yard (it even has a sun cover for outdoors)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hudson Week 34

* This week I explored the idea of Squash and thought it was yummy.  I still love Avacado, Carrot and Banana the best.
* I  tried beets for the first time tonight and loved them.
* Sunday night I had a sleep over with Grandma and Grandpa while mommy and daddy went to the Garth Brooks Concert.  I came back exhausted!
* I am officially in 12 month clothes

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hudson Week 33 and Easter

* This week I celebrated my first Easter.  I made it successful through most of church and really enjoyed playing with the plastic eggs.
* I now enjoy flavored rice cereal, Banana and Avacado.  Avacado is one of my favorites!
* I decided I no longer wanted to be in my small bath tub and am now in the big bathtub
* I Finally cut that tooth he's been working on.  I decided not to cut a front tooth next but actually a lateral incisor or a canine.  Now I am working on the same one on the other side.
* All of daddy's poor tennis matches seem to get rained out; but I have been trying to attend and cheer when I can.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hudson Week 32

* Hi ho hi ho, it's back to work momma and daddy go. That means back to babysitters for me.
* This week I graduated to the big boy bathtub
* I enjoyed the swings at the park this weekend
* I am now in 12 month clothes
* I still am battling  teeth. Someday they will come through
* this week I tried applesauce and banana and liked them both
* I had a great time hanging outside at the tennis courts and watching the girls get a 6-2 win against Newberg