Tuesday, December 31, 2013

**2013: A look back and a look ahead to 2014**

2013; all in all, a year worth remembering!

  • Time with Friends
  • Play time with Spike
  • Blazer Games
  • Goodbye to an old friend

  • Tennis
  • Hops Games
  • Camping Trips
  • Vegas Trip-Garth Brooks

  • Matt's Graduation

  •  Disneyland

  • Indiana Rubrecht Reunion
  • New Camero

  • Jer's Engagement

  •  Family Christmas
2014; A year worth living

  • Jeremy and Christa get married
  • New family members
  • Blazer Games
  • Hops games
  • Camping
  • Tennis
  • Play time with Spike
  • New surprises around every corner
May 2014 bring everything you 
hope for and more!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

"Spike Gotcha" 2 years ago

2 years ago today we added the most perfect addition to our lives.
We have been told we spoil him, we own it! My Grandma always said, "You're never spoiled, just well loved."  So, our Spike get treats every night, veggies mixed with his food, a heated disc in his cage, a heat lamp, fleece and bedding in his cage and lots of handling time with us.     

We look forward to watching him run every morning and snuggling with him every night.  

Spike Very Unsure in His New Home

Spike Chillin' on Dad's Shoulder

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Thanksgiving is a time to pause and reflect for all the blessings we have in our life.  Just for grins, I have taken time to think of something I am thankful for for each letter of the alphabet.

An apartment that is warm, cozy and feels like home
Blazer game date nights
Chocolate and Coffee
Disneyland vacations
Election in 2016!
Friends who keep me laughing
Husband Matt who loves me
Inside jokes with family and friends
Jeremy, my brother and my soon to be sister -in-law Christa
Kay heritage that taught me that I can do ANYTHING I sent my mind to
Military troops and all their sacrifices to keep us safe and free
Never ending reruns of Friends and Big Bang Theory
Oregon weather
Parents that are AMAZING!
Quiet time
Reliable cars
Spike the Hedgehog
Umbrellas while on bus duty
Vacation getaways to the beach
Wonderful career
eXtremely optimistic attitude
Yellow, the most cheerful color of all
Zoo trips

I hope your Thanksgiving gave you plenty of time to pause and reflect.  May that feeling of thanks last you all year.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11th

What a day; emotional no matter who you are or where you stand on all the events of that day and what followed.  It's hard to put into words how I feel each year on this day.  A large part of me is still angry yet I also feel Patriotic and honored to live in such a great nation.

Each year I help the third grade students celebrate Patriot Day by watching this brainpop movie and then reading the book September 12th: We knew everything would be all right.    Then, we discuss our thoughts and create our own American Flag.  This year the students did a great job using construction paper and glitter stars and stripes while listening to patriotic music.

I was really impressed at the direction my students took the discussion this year.  I asked the students what 'being United' means.  They told me, to come together.  Then we talked about how our nation rallied around each other during the weeks that followed 12 years ago.  I then asked them what our community does to be 'United'.  They said "Give and Gobble", "Mini Relay for Life", "Relay for Life" and our World Changers Club at Hopkins.  Such good souls at the age of 8!  

  We've come a long way in 12 years!  I am so thankful for our American Military Hero's, our firefighters, police officers and first responders1  I am and always will be Proud to Be American!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Engagement News

This weekend our family got some exciting news!  We will be welcoming a new family member in May!  Jeremy popped the question to this lovely lady and she said "Yes"!

Christa: Sister-In-Law to be

Beautiful Ring...Nice work Bro!

We all met Christa earlier this year and knew right away she would be around for a while.  She jumped right in to all the family fun over the last few months without even missing a beat.  Such a sweet gal; I am excited to have more family functions with her!

Jeremy, Christa and her Son Eric enjoying some grub during Matt's Graduation Party
I think it may be time for a new 'family' picture!!!


Congratulations Jer and Christa; we are all so excited to watch you embark on this next adventure!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

9 years and counting!

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Pottery
Modern Anniversary Gift: Leather

We opted against all of those and went with a Camaro!  

Well, today marks 9 years for Matt and I.  The past 9 years have been an adventure and I look forward to many more!  LOVE YOU BABE~

Our Wedding Day

One Year Anniversary-Chili's in Lake Oswego
3 year anniversary-Space Needle in Seattle

5 year anniversary-Bay House in Lincoln City

6 year anniversary-Rainforest Cafe' in Las Vegas

7 year anniversary-Oswego Grill

8 year anniversary-Inn at 7th Mountain in Bend

8 1/2 year anniversary-Disneyland California
Our fun ride =)

Lovin' it!
Tonight we are off to Oswego Grill for a dinner.  Should be a great way to send off year 9 and start year 10!

Friday, July 26, 2013

New Camaro

Wilsonville Chevy did it again!

What else do you do on a nice lazy summer Friday but test drive a Camaro?  

        Between the end of the month quota that Wilsonville Chevy is working to fill and known buyers looking for a truck like Matt's, we were able to get a once in a lifetime deal; Over half of the car was purchased before we ever drove off the lot!


This should help make those lazy summer days pass just a little bit 'faster'!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Walmart is coming to Sherwood

People in Sherwood do not want a 'box store'.  In March, Kohls opened in town and no one picketed, marched, or rallied against them.  We also have a Target, Walgreens and Home Depot which no one seems to boycot.

There is a beautiful piece of land that a local family is choosing to develop.  Earlier this spring, the family partitioned off a part of the land to create a storage annex and no one threw a fit.  But now, that the land may ALSO be developed into a Walmart, we've apparently got problems.  You see, Sherwood would prefer a Whole Foods or something more prestigious.  Apparently, our community doesn't understand that it's illegal to pick and choose the businesses that come to town.

I am laughing at the rationale some people are using for why they don't want Walmart....

Walmart brings gangs (news flash Sherwood....we already have gangs in our town)
Walmart brings crime (uh...Sherwood is NOT crime free now)
Walmart doesn't pay their employees ( law they have to pay at least minimum wage)
Walmart will kill the local businesses (Walmart will kill ineffectively ran businesses, big or small)

We don't have the population for a Walmart in Sherwood (We have numerous families on a weekly food bag at my elementary school....our community does need an inexpensive place to shop)

We have a population of about 20,000.  We had about 200 at the local city council meeting to argue against Walmart; that's only 10% of our population.  Once again, I think I am in the silent Majority in regards to this issue!

Here are three articles that speak to the good that Walmart can provide for a community. 

Can people go to Google and find articles that show the opposite view?  Of course, they can.  There is always two sides to the coin.  I know this is controversial and I am not looking to debate, just sharing my thoughts as everyone else is too.  

Regardless of its reputation or its value to society, Walmart is here to stay. Consumption drives our daily lives and accounts for some 70% of America’s GDP. As long as Walmart continues to increase the accessibility and quality of consumption, it will remain America’s top retailer and continue to grow. Whether or not you choose to shop at Walmart, everyone should appreciate it as an outstanding American institution.--snippet from "Why Walmart is good for America"

Does Walmart have issues?  Does Walmart make mistakes?  I'm sure they do, as does any company.  Is that a reason to gang up on the family that is developing their land?  No.  By law the family did everything it had to do and shared all the required information with the city.  Can people still protest and exercise their right to be upset?  Absolutely.  

I plan to just sit back and watch.

It sure will be an interesting ride over the next weeks.

Walmart is expected to break ground in June!  

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life; what an adventure! Right now, and truthfully, for awhile, I have been a place where I need some help.  Anyone who knows me, knows that is NOT easy for me to say.  I am a strong willed individual and doesn't like needing people.

Candidly, though, I need guidance from all of my friends with faith.  How do you do it?  How do you get through life with faith? How do you find comfort and peace with your life when your plans don't match up with the path God has created for you?

I am trying to find a way to accept that I am right where God needs me to be.  I need to take time to soak it in and remember that I will never be here, in this moment, again.  However,  I constantly find myself comparing 'my plans' to where I am at now and feeling inadequate or as if I am failing.  

While listening to music the other day, I stumbled upon a song by Ty England that Matt shared with me in college; it seems perfect for right now.  Any other advice from anyone out there is greatly appreciated!

Thanks Friends!

Video and Lyrics for Backslider's Prayer  

He said "I know this ain't the time or place
Bur Lord I need to talk"
In a business suit in a corner booth
In a crowded little restaurant
We all tried not to listen
We all tried not to look
But a whole room full of customers
And the waitress and the cook
All stopped what we were doin'
When he bowed his head
In that silence we heard every word he said

"I been tryin' to do things my way
Down here on life's highway
Slippin' slidin' sideways
'Tween no way and nowhere
If I could only gain a foothold
Up there on your high road
Lord if you hear me help me
I'll do anything you tell me to
All I've got to offer you is this
Backslider's prayer

Well the waitress made the first move
When she filled his coffee cup
She said "You ain't alone here mister
You're speakin' for the rest of us"
I heard some scattered "amens"
And a couple of "I've been there's"
Then things got back to normal
The dishes and the silverwate
Were clangin' in the kitchen
Like an angel's band
As I took my place in line
To shake his hand ('cause)

"I been tryin' to do things my way
Down here on life's highway
Slippin' slidin' sideways
'Tween no way and nowhere
If I could only gain a foothold
Up there on your high road
Lord if you hear me help me
I'll do anything you tell me to
All I've got to offer you is this
Backslider's prayer

If I could only gain a foothold
Up there on your high road
Lord if you hear me help me
I'll do anything you tell me to
All I've got to offer you is this
Backslider's prayer

Saturday, February 16, 2013


WOW...the 2013 is flying by and life is only about to get busier with the tennis season upon us!  Here are some 'quick' updates.

New Years Resolution: We have been busy. We are 6 weeks into the new year and have meet up with quite a few folks already.  Thanks Alex and Steve, Jenny, Vince and Christi and The Hickman Family.  We are in the works of planning another 3 with others.  It's been great to catch up with people face to face.

Legacy of Love: We said goodbye to a dear family friend today, Jan Kittelson.  You will be missed!
    A wife, a mother, a grandma too,
    This is the legacy we have from you.
    You taught us love and how to fight,
    You gave us strength, you gave us might.
    A stronger person would be hard to find,
    And in your heart, you were always kind.
    You fought for us all in one way or another,
    Not just as a wife not just as a mother.
    For all of us you gave your best,
   Now the time has come for you to rest.
   So go in peace, you've earned your sleep,
   Your love in our hearts, we'll eternally keep. 

Classroom: We are still going strong in room 15.  We have been busy with Hopkins Has Heart month.  Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness and Oregon's Birthday.  Here is a picture of the Oregon Cake that was created and donated by our fabulous local bakery, SweetStory!

Spike: Today marks 13 months since his first vet appointment after we brought our little guy home!  During that visit Spike weighed in at 7.5 ounces.  Today, at the vet, we found out just how much he has grown in the last year.  He weighed in at 8.01 ounces!  Hard to believe he has only gained half an ounce in 1 year....if we all only be so lucky!

We hope and pray that all is well with all of you!