Wednesday, December 23, 2015

First Haircut

Hudson got his first hair cut today!   He was not having the apron at all, but didn't mind the haircut as long as he could hold momma's tablet.  He had SO MUCH HAIR! The curls were cut off but it looks like they may grow back.  It appears as though we may have a wavy haired kiddo on our hands. 

Before the hair cut



No more curls

Are we done?

Monday, December 21, 2015

Hudson 16 Months

*I am a very active boy
*I love most any fruit
*I am working on more teeth but haven't cut any new ones yet
*I enjoy all the Christmas decorations and have done a good job leaving most of them alone
*I am developing my sweet tooth.  Mommy has treated me to bites of choc. chip cookies and choc. covered pretzels.
*Having mom and dad home for break is going to be really fun
*I love a small glass of OJ after my nap
*Remotes and technology is quickly becoming a favorite toy of mine
*When eating, I really like attempting to use silverware
*Anything with a lid or door is fun
*I can sign (my own version) of please, more, all done, eat and up
*Ask me to be a penguin, seal and gorilla and I will make you laugh  

My new swimming duds

4 Generations

Lazy wake ups during break

Monday, November 23, 2015

Hudson 15 Months

*I now run and walk
*I have 10 teeth and have cut all 4 molars
*I am discovering lots of new foods, but breakfast food and fruit are still my favorites
*I entertain mom and dad with minor fits as I get them ready for the terrible 2's
*I really enjoy camping and spending my weekend outdoors
*I am starting to go to bed easier and even put myself to sleep sometimes
*I have gotten a couple colds this month but seem to get over them quickly
*I weigh 30 pounds and am 31 inches tall

Peanut Butter is pretty good, guys
So good, in fact, the spoon is slowing me down

When I'm sick, books are one of my favorite toys (actually, I like books at all times)

Well, that and naps with momma
I love my water....and baths..and swim lessons...and water and water and water.  Did I mention, I like water A LOT?
Little Gym is pretty Rad too!
Happy Halloween
Just warming mommy and daddy up for the terrible 2's.
No explanation for this outburst.  Just toweling off after a bath.
Peek A Boo!!!
I love play time at the park!
My First Donut...Yum Yum!!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Daddy Fix" and camping

Growing up, we had a saying, "Daddy Fix".  My dad always said he could fix anything but "a broken heart, the crack of dawn and the crack of your ass".  This was never more apparent than during our latest camping trip.

I drove the RV for the first time for our October trip.  I took the afternoon off and bought our food, packed the RV and heading into Newberg to pick up Matt and head to Champoeg Park.  As I left our storage spot, I quickly realized that I had forgotten to unplug the RV.  I stopped and got out, realized I was on the cord, reversed the RV and checked over the cord.  Everything looked fine, so I buttoned up and headed out.

Once at Champoeg, we set up and realize we have no power.  I say a quick prayer and go ask the Site Managers on duty about it and they call the Ranger to check our power box (hoping that it was that).  Of course, the site has power.  Matt and the Ranger start checking the cord and low and behold, it's F*&ed up.  The Ranger asks "you didn't, by chance drive off with it plugged in did you?"  and I'm sold out.....

We walk over to my parents site and tell them what happened and that we are probably gonna need to go home instead of camp.  Dad says, bring your RV over here so I can look at it.  Low and Behold, "Mr. Fix-It" pulls out his drill, flash light, 2 different colors of electrical tape, knife and other tools and is saves the day.  He was able to shorten our cord by 2 feet and then rewire it.

Yeah Daddy!!

Hard at work on the cords

I did quite a number

Teaching Hudson to "Shake"

He loves camping

Yummy Breakfast on a rainy Sunday

Daddy Snuggles
Enjoying a book on the drive home

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hudson 14 Months

*I walk like a pro
*I still love anything outside
*One of my favorite books is Goodnight Gorilla
*I got in a bottom molar and have 9 teeth now
*I love hanging out with Aubrey and Grandma during the days
*I enjoyed the pumpkin patch with mommy and daddy
*Mommy and Daddy bought me two stylish new cars that I enjoy riding around in
*On the weekends, I enjoy lots of family time
*I have discovered Orange Juice and I think it's yummy

Reading with Daddy

I feel asleep on the hall pillow

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hudson 13 months

*Now that we switched to once a month; there is a lot to say!

*First off....I CAN WALK!  I got some new shoes and am loving my new freedom
*My favorite book is Goodnight Moon I also like Peek a Who and Peek a Zoo
*I was baptized
*I have tried lots of new foods; french toast, jelly, eggs, spagetti O's, buttered noodles, Nilla waffers, Teddy Grahams, Corn pops, blueberry muffins, Whole Milk and fruit and veggie pouches.
*I have learned how to drink from a straw
*Mom and dad went back to work and I have been getting used to spending my days with Aubrey and Grandma
*I started my second round of swim lessons; this time at the YMCA
*I have gotten two of my one year molars.  I know have 6 teeth up top and 2 on the bottom.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Hudson was baptized last Sunday at the Willamette United Methodist Church in West Linn.  The church was incredible welcoming.  Hudson, with his love of water, did just great.  Pastor Wes Taylor performed the service.  He has been my families pastor since 1990 and performed our Wedding and now Hudson's Baptism.  Hudson was surrounded by his Grandparents, Great Grandma and his Godparents.  We had brunch afterwards at Little Cooperstown.  Hudson got some great cards and gifts to celebrate his special day.  Thank you to all who took time out of their day to come and celebrate.  It was perfect!