Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hudson 2.5 years

I am a very happy kid who loves to play cars, Play-doh, "eep", tents and tunnels and ball.

I have settled nicely into my new home and really love all the parks within walking distance.

Snow days were a blast at our new house; lots of places to explore!  My favorite part was walking to the park and playing and then coming home for Hot Cocoa and Frosty the Snowman.

I am making great gains on my speech.  I have over 175 words and I say 3-4 word sentences.  Now we are working on my use of pronouns, asking questions and my articulation.  At my 6 month review, mommy found out that I have met most of goals already!

I still LOVE swimming class and am great at jumping off the wall.  I also moved up to a Super Beast at Little Gym.  I am growing into the new skills and enjoying playing with some older kids.

I have a new hedgehog pet named Chipper (although when I say it sounds like copper).  He is fun to watch run in the ball.

I enjoyed my first ice cream cone.

I know all 26 capitol letters, in random order.

I can count from 1-13 (although I need help with number 6)

I know my shapes and colors

Some of my favorites:

Toys: Cars
Movies: Cars2
TV Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Daniel Tiger
Place to Play: Any Park
People: Meme and Papa, Tammy, Bree, Mommy and Daddy, Papa R
Foods: French Fries, Watermelon,
Snacks: Goldfish, chocolate raisins
Treats: Cookies, M&M's and Popsicles
Fears: Things that make noise