Wednesday, December 23, 2015

First Haircut

Hudson got his first hair cut today!   He was not having the apron at all, but didn't mind the haircut as long as he could hold momma's tablet.  He had SO MUCH HAIR! The curls were cut off but it looks like they may grow back.  It appears as though we may have a wavy haired kiddo on our hands. 

Before the hair cut



No more curls

Are we done?

Monday, December 21, 2015

Hudson 16 Months

*I am a very active boy
*I love most any fruit
*I am working on more teeth but haven't cut any new ones yet
*I enjoy all the Christmas decorations and have done a good job leaving most of them alone
*I am developing my sweet tooth.  Mommy has treated me to bites of choc. chip cookies and choc. covered pretzels.
*Having mom and dad home for break is going to be really fun
*I love a small glass of OJ after my nap
*Remotes and technology is quickly becoming a favorite toy of mine
*When eating, I really like attempting to use silverware
*Anything with a lid or door is fun
*I can sign (my own version) of please, more, all done, eat and up
*Ask me to be a penguin, seal and gorilla and I will make you laugh  

My new swimming duds

4 Generations

Lazy wake ups during break