Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hudson Week 14

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

* Today I am 98 days old!
* My teething saga continues; I find relief with Tylenol, frozen binkies, my fist, gumming my bib and teething toys.
* I have battled the hiccups a lot this week.
* I got a new jiggly fish toy this week
* This week I played so hard I feel asleep on my playmat.  Mom moved my jiggly fish because I kept kicking it and waking myself up.  After that I slept for a bit and then woke up and started playing again!
* I have enjoyed a couple extra days home with momma this week.
* I am becoming a rock star at tummy time!  I can really hold my head up and use my arms to prop myself.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hudson Week 13

* Saturday I enjoyed another day with Grandpa Ralph as we celebrated his 80th birthday.

* I am showing many signs of teething this week; drooling, eating my fist, chewing on my bib, slightly cranky, and waking up again during the night.

* Walks are still a great way to guarantee a few moments of happiness.

* I love my play mat with the Hedgehog and the Zebra.  I bop, grasp and talk with the toys.

What's up momma?
Icy Teether

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hudson Week 12

* I've been doing lots of sleeping and eating this and dad think I am growing again
* Baby Lucas and his parents Becky and Jerome came over and brought us a yummy dinner on Sunday; Food, Football, Friends and Fun!
* Grandma told mom and dad about how I've started to "bop" at my toys in the swing with her.   I showed them on Tuesday and they bought me a new toy that day.
* We took Grandpa Ralph out to dinner on Saturday to celebrate his 80th birthday and I am excited to see him again on Saturday.  I promise to be awake for some of this visit.
* I'm still sleeping pretty good and even starting to nap on my back for long periods of time
* I enjoyed having Tuesday and Thursday thanks to Veteran's Day and my first Oregon "snow" day!
* I love when when mommy plays Patty Cake with me...I smile so much.  We are all just waiting for the first giggle.

Bopping Pooh and Tigger

Batting at his new toy

Snow day morning

Momma's funny

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hudson Week 11

* This week I met more new people.
* Mommy went back to work, so that meant babysitters for me.
* My routine has definitely been thrown off.  The babysitters are doing fine, but they aren't mommy.
* I am finally returning to myself after last weeks shots (Those kicked my ass)
* I have been getting to take lots of walks.  Both babysitters take me for one every day and mommy and daddy do too, once they get home.