Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hudson Week 44

*I helped daddy celebrate his first Father's Day
*On Sunday I turned 10 months old
*I went under at swim lessons
*I went to my first baseball game (go Hops).  I made it through 8 innings and enjoyed all the activity.
*I had a fun day at the water fountains
*Last week mom forgot to say that I got my 6th tooth in
*I tried hamburger, chicken fried steak, soft pretzels, yogurt, bagels and apple juice.  Even as I try all this new food, I still really seem to enjoy a good bottle from time to time

Listening to Grandpa's stories

Spending time with Grandpa

10 Months old

Fountain Fun

44 Weeks

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hudson Week 43

*Summer started and mom has kept me busy; Saturday we visited Grandpa Ralph, Sunday I had a playdate with my friend Lucas, Monday I started swim lessons, Tuesday I went to Toddler Time at the Library, Wednesday I did Baby Boot Camp with mom and today I get to relax!
*Swim lessons were a blast.  One gigantic bathtub.  I didn't really care about floating on my back; I liked 'jumping' off the side and going down the slide.  But, really, I just wanted to splash!
*I have a new "motor boat" noise which is really fun
*My new foods this week have been great; Grandpa Ralph's rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, asparagas, Cherrios and bagels.

All the boys

Reading for Swimming

Lots of toys at Toddler Time

Daddy is fun!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hudson Week 42

*I 'climp' everywhere which made mom and dad start the baby proofing process
*Tooth #5 dropped this week and I can no longer be called 'fang'
*I got to try some new foods this week....Hummus was gross, I loved Jimmy Dean Sausage, beef and noodles was delicious and I really enjoyed my carrot, banana, mango combo.  I also tried some crunchy tomato sticks and apple wagon wheel treats.
*I love chewing on shoelaces
*This hot weather has me out of sorts and I am no longer sleeping well at night. 
*I help Mommy brush my teeth every night before bed

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hudson Week 41

*I can climp (a three point crawl-2 arms, 1 leg with the other leg dragging behind)  =)  We are so close!
*I love splashing in the bath
*Peek A Boo with the cupboard is a blast
*I use a new car seat now
*Mac and Cheese is yummy
*One of mommy's coworkers pointed out that I have now been out in the world the same amount of time that I was in mommy's tummy!