Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hudson Week 49

*With cooler weather this weekend, I got a LOT of time outside.  Mom and dad even took me to a new park where I got to play on 3 different slides, a new swing and with some musical toys
*I had another great day at swim lessons and little gym
*Daddy and I went and drooled at new cars.  I even got to "drive" a new Colorado.
*I got new walk behind toy and I am really developing my walking skills.  I am getting fast as long as I hang on to something!
*I have my very own ball pit which I quite enjoy.  I play in it almost every day.
*I went to the splash pad again with Mommy and Daddy and lot's of Mommy's friends.  I had fun in the water.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hudson Week 48

*With the cooler weather I got a chance to play outside at the park
*I am slowly getting back to my routine since mom and dad have been back from Disneyland
*I had another play date with Lucas.  He has fun stairs to climb.
*I met some of daddy's friends from college.  I had fun playing with Matthew and climbing stairs!
*Mom and dad think I am working on more teeth.  I am drooling like crazy and chewing on everything I see
*I tried Goldfish crackers and thought they were so yummy that, for the first time, I shared with mom and dad
*I had a new experience that wore me out!  I got a chance to play at Little Gym where I worked on the balance beam, doing chin ups on the bar, wheelbarrows with mom and dad and forward and backward rolls on the mat.  I wonder what next week will be?
*On Tuesday I became 11 months old

11 Months Try 2

Wait, you want me to sit in there?

Fine, but I'm not giving up the bib!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Hudson Week 47

*This week mom and dad went to Disneyland and I had a 3 night stay with Grandpa and Grandma.  We had a good time and I was really only crabby at night time.  I played hard, ate well and took nice long naps.

*I enjoyed a trip to zoo and I got to see penguins, giraffes and the monkeys eating grapes!
*I had a great visit on Saturday with Grandpa Ralph
*I still LOVE my swim lessons and playing in the water although I am not a fan of floating on my back
Sausage and Waffles...YUM

Cracker Snack with Grandpa

Playtime at home with Grandma

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hudson Week 46

*CAMPING IS FUN (and exhausting)
*I spent my 4th of July at weekend at Silver Falls.  It was hot but I stayed cool splashing around in a bucket full of water, napping in the air conditioned RV, and crawling around like crazy once the sun went down.
*Does teething ever stop?
*I have two new sounds....'ba ba ba' and a moany/whine that is more cute than annoying.
*I am eating big boy foods more and more.  My dinners the last two nights were beefy mac and cheese, carrots and fruit. Basically, I get to eat whatever mom and dad are having.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hudson Week 45

*Mom and dad sold a lot of my old toys and things at a garage sale this weekend
*I hung out with Vince and Christi on Saturday night
*I am eating just about anything mom and dad are (if they let me)
*Mom had nicknamed me Hurricane Hudson (as it is very obvious where I have been playing all throughout the house)

"Daddy, can I come out and grill with you?"