Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hudson Week 48

*With the cooler weather I got a chance to play outside at the park
*I am slowly getting back to my routine since mom and dad have been back from Disneyland
*I had another play date with Lucas.  He has fun stairs to climb.
*I met some of daddy's friends from college.  I had fun playing with Matthew and climbing stairs!
*Mom and dad think I am working on more teeth.  I am drooling like crazy and chewing on everything I see
*I tried Goldfish crackers and thought they were so yummy that, for the first time, I shared with mom and dad
*I had a new experience that wore me out!  I got a chance to play at Little Gym where I worked on the balance beam, doing chin ups on the bar, wheelbarrows with mom and dad and forward and backward rolls on the mat.  I wonder what next week will be?
*On Tuesday I became 11 months old

11 Months Try 2

Wait, you want me to sit in there?

Fine, but I'm not giving up the bib!

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