Sunday, July 24, 2011

O'Neill Wedding

Yesterday evening, I had the privilege of attending Natalie Johnson and Mike O'Neill's wedding.  It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful celebration; both the ceremony and the reception. The World's Forestry Center was a great venue.  They both looked so happy and in love surrounded by all their friends and family. I enjoyed the time to connect with some colleagues outside of work.  It ended up being a fantastic evening for everyone.

I forgot to charge our camera battery before we left, so I only got a couple of pictures, but luckily, they give a great glimpse into their lovely day!

Charlie (dad) walking Natalie down the isle

Natalie and Mike pledging their vows

Now I have about 6 weeks to get used to calling Natalie Mrs. O'Neill instead of Ms. Johnson before school starts...Oy Vey!

Congratulations Mike and Natalie!