Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hudson 2 Year; 3 months

I am growing and changing so much. I love camping, painting,

cars, balls, hide and seek, running, jumping, swimming, anything outside, Little Gym, Daniel Tiger, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and the movie Cars.

At my two year appointment we were referred for speech intervention. The ESD did an amazing job recognizing that I only had 2 consonants and no closed mouth vowels. Mom and dad started me with their own in home 'consonant boot camp' with tips from the ESD, switched me to only straw cups to help build some mouth muscles, and I have shown tremendous growth. I went from 16 words and signs 10 weeks ago to over 40 words and signs and am using 2 word sentences. I am babbling much more and repeat much of what I hear. Which does mean one of my words is 'damn'. Oops..... 😋 at least I am cute when I say it.

3 out of 4 of my 2 year molars have broken through!

I recently discovered bubble baths and love them!

We moved to a new house this past weekend. I am loving the stairs and extra room. I miss seeing grandma so much and am still figuring out my new surroundings.

Learning the ropes at the apartments with Grandpa
Chevron Car overload


Grandpa built me a garage and we found small cars like tammy's

Feeding the Squirrels

My new room--2 years 3 months