Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spike Updates

Our little guy is growing fast and still as cute as ever!

Rinse Time

Am I done yet?

Guess not.....

This is much more my style mom...dry and warm and playful!
Spike exploring after his bath...this time he loses his footing

Spike crawls all over us as if we let is Matt as the obstacle course

Saturday, September 15, 2012


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis asked more than 24,000 what their favorite toy of the last Century was.  Below are the top 20 according their findings.  Thoughts???

  • 1. GI Joe
  • 2. Transformers
  • 3. Lego
  • 4. Barbie
  • 5. View-Master
  • 6. Bicycle
  • 7. Cabbage Patch Kids
  • 8. Crayons
  • 9. Play-doh
  • 10. Monopoly
  • 11. Raggedly Ann
  • 12. Spirograph
  • 13. Etch A Sketch
  • 14. Little Golden Books
  • 15. Hot Wheels
  • 16. Lincoln Logs
  • 17. Candy Land
  • 18. Roller Skates
  • 19. Silly Putty
  • 20. Mr. Potato Head

I was a big believer in #7.  Although, I did enjoy many of the others on this list!  I think we need to get back to these types of toys for kids.  These toys inspire so much creativity and exploration!

Here is the link to the full article if you are interested in reading it; quick and interesting.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Baking Fun kitchen smells so good.  This past week and weekend, I have been spending my down time taking advantage of all the great food grown during the summer. 

My parents have an apple tree that is producing like crazying!  We went out a picked 3 5 gallon bucketful's and shared with my parents.  With our half we have been able to make some great apple sauce for the winter as well as an Apple Cake with Walnuts that seemed appropriate enough to take to school for our first week back!

Apple Cake
Apple sauce
What's still left....anyone need some apples?

Today, Matt graciously helped me in the kitchen with the baking.  We started by using the Kitchenaid to shred a gigantic zucchini.  Now, I wish I had a picture of this zucchini before we started, but I didn't think that far in advance, so just trust me when I say HUGE.  Once shredded we had over 4 quarts of zuchinni to bake with.

Here is what we ended up with; 5 loafs of bread and 3 cakes!

Frosted with Hershey bars...that was always Grandma's secret!

Last weekend we also took tomatoes and peppers from our garden and combined them with peppers, jalepeno's and an onion from Matt's dad's garden to make some wonderful salsa.  I already had Matt call his dad and tell him we need more vegetables when he get's ready to pull everything up! 

Salsa with tomatoes, peppers, onions, jalepenos, lime, sugar, salt and pepper!

Everything is out of the oven, dishes are washed or loaded in dishwasher and the food is slowly being put in the freezer.  Now it's time to watch some football (Go Steelers), grade a few papers and relax!