Monday, November 23, 2015

Hudson 15 Months

*I now run and walk
*I have 10 teeth and have cut all 4 molars
*I am discovering lots of new foods, but breakfast food and fruit are still my favorites
*I entertain mom and dad with minor fits as I get them ready for the terrible 2's
*I really enjoy camping and spending my weekend outdoors
*I am starting to go to bed easier and even put myself to sleep sometimes
*I have gotten a couple colds this month but seem to get over them quickly
*I weigh 30 pounds and am 31 inches tall

Peanut Butter is pretty good, guys
So good, in fact, the spoon is slowing me down

When I'm sick, books are one of my favorite toys (actually, I like books at all times)

Well, that and naps with momma
I love my water....and baths..and swim lessons...and water and water and water.  Did I mention, I like water A LOT?
Little Gym is pretty Rad too!
Happy Halloween
Just warming mommy and daddy up for the terrible 2's.
No explanation for this outburst.  Just toweling off after a bath.
Peek A Boo!!!
I love play time at the park!
My First Donut...Yum Yum!!

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