Monday, May 22, 2017

Hudson 2 years 9 months

*Did you know about the Easter Bunny?  He's pretty cool.  I got to hunt for eggs, each chocolate and I got new cars
*Over Spring Break my parents took me to the beach where I got to have a Jacuzzi tub, a pool and a trip to the aquarium
*I am happy now that the parks are drier and I get so much time to play outside
*I enjoy bubbles and soccer in the back yard
*Dancing in the car is fun
*I have been taking private swim lessons and enjoy my time in the water with Teacher Kayla
*My Godparents came over and we had a great brunch
*I enjoy play time with my friends; Lucas and Colson
*I'm looking forward to camping a lot this summer; every time we see an RV I remind mom and dad that I want to go camping
*I am speaking so much and my speech therapist says I'm about ready to graduate
*I even 'read' books with mommy and daddy.  I have a lot of the parts memorized and it's fun to all read together
*I got sick and discovered what it means to throw up.  That isn't fun!
*I went to the dentist for the first time; he says my teeth look great and I enjoyed riding up and down in the chair and playing with the water squirter
*Fred Meyer Playland is so much fun!  I love when momma goes grocery shopping
*I am sad that Papa R passed away and we can't see him anymore
*I love the Cars' Movie and even own 17 of the Cars' cars
*I love to eat bell peppers like apples and I sure get funny looks from people at the store
*Mom and dad can tell I am getting taller, more and more things are within my reach

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