Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hudson Week 4

*This week I decided I didn't need to follow a schedule; some days I sleep A LOT, other days I don't sleep except at night.  Some times I eat every 3-4 hours and other days every 1-2.  I try to give mom and dad a break and at least sleep at night.  I am crabbier than normal and can't always tell if I am hungry, sleepy, gassy, hot, cold or just fussy and I have been spitting up more this week too.
 *I have transitioned into level 1 diapers and am on the verge of transitioning to the next nipple size on my bottle.

*Mom and dad think I have grown and even did their own measurements.  If they are right, I am now 22 inches long and about 10 pounds.
*If I'm awake when I meet someone new, they always comment on how alert I am.  If I am sleeping, they mention my hair. 

Doin' the Fonz..."Hey"

I am to big to lay down and almost big enough to sit up.

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