Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have a love/hate relationship with techonology.  In so many ways things like Tivo, Computers and the internet have simplified and enhanced our lives.  I find myself squeezing more into a day than ever before.  I can sit with my laptop on my lap while watching an hour show in 40 minutes; allowing me 'more time' to do other things.  I am contemplating going without some technology for awhile to see what life is like.  How much more productive will I be with my to do lists?  My relationships?  My work?

The piece of technology that boggles me the most is the cell phone.  The more I think about them, the more I get sad.  I got my first one at 19, in college.  Now, I confinscate cell phones from 9 year olds.  I think cell phones have become overused and over depended on.  Kids and parents now say "how will my kids and I communicate?  How will we make plans with friends? I will 'literally die' without my cell phone".  Try communicating the same way we did for ages; around the family dinner table or a couple of days ahead of time at school; make a plan then stick to it, even if something "better" comes along.  Plus, from the teacher stand point, there wouldn't be cyber bulling, theft, cheating on tests, skipping class to take phone calls, texting during class, etc...

I am coming to the relalization that the "simplier" life may have been better without all of the technology that makes it 'simple'.    What are your thoughts??


  1. i'm in your camp hun! nothing breaks my heart more than seeing people gathered around a table for a meal, dinking around on their iphones. PUT THE PHONE DOWN!!! BE HERE NOW!!! i really think that so many of the worlds problems could be solved at the dinner table, not through technology. DINNER FOR PRESIDENT!

  2. Tina, I so agree! It is really sad to see how quickly the idea of a "family dinner" left our society. When we were in high school my family still had family dinners, and you and I are NOT that old...So; when's our coffee date? =)