Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break

Sometimes I wish I went some place on "vacation" during this week, but then I think about how relaxed I feel, and think, Naah...This was great! 

Breakdown on my Break:

*Dinner with Grandpa
*Coffee with Grandma
*Blazer Game (AMAZING)!!!
*Woodburn Outlet Mall
*Shooting Pool and Enjoying Ice Cream with friends
*8 Hours of Tennis
*Day in Dallas
*My parents 40th Wedding Anniversary dinner at Famous Daves
*Planned our Seattle Trip this June--Matt is finally getting to see the Braves, twice!
*2 Hours of Work
*Helped cut up a tree that fell
*Watched my brackets fall to pieces
*Lots and Lots of sleeping
*Cleaned the apartment
*Paid bills
*Did laundry

Such an amazing week off!  Pretty sure I can make it to June now. 

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