Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tennis, BBQ, Easter and Weight Loss

WOW!  I thought I would be better at updating; here goes:

1.  Our Tennis BBQ was a HUGE success.  Thanks to everyone who attended and to my parents and brother for grilling over 200 hot dogs!  The atmosphere was strong and the girls took home a 5-3 win over Forest Grove (Something they have been wanting to do for a few years now).  Glad to see this team doing so well this year. 
     On Friday, they took another victory over McMinnville, putting them tied for 3rd in the league and there are still 2 matches left.  I am very proud of the turn around Matt's coaching style has provided for this team.  He puts almost all his time and energy into this team and it's great to watch the payoff!  Now, if we can just keep the sport around despite budget cuts, we will really get to see what can happen!

2.  This year for Easter we managed to see both sides of the family; brunch with my parents and Jer at the Crowne Plaza and dinner in Dallas with Matt's brother, sister and dad.  We had some great food.  It was great to be reminded of God's promise once again. 

3.  I have managed to crest the weight loss plateau and it feels so good!  I am down another 2 pounds (246).  Although the scale isn't moving as quickly, I can see and feel changes in how my clothes fit and how I look.  It is exciting to have my boobs stick out more than my stomach again and to watch my arms tone up.  I have also discovered that I can run a half of mile consistently without stopping and without dieing.  Now, to build up to a mile...It's the little things, you know!  =)

    So, I was able to keep this shorter than I thought; I am doing better and learning to become concise!

Enjoy your 'sunny' day;

Aly =)

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