Saturday, October 15, 2011


I found this article very enlightening.  Kids do need more time to play!  I wish our school day was longer so I could include more time to "play".  As great as organized sports and activities are for kids, we must not allow them to replace the idea of free play, they should only enhance a child's life, not clutter it so much that they miss out on these opportunities.

After 7 years of teaching, one very interesting thing I have found is how little kids want to do at class parties (such as Harvest, Holiday and Valentines Day).  We have a few snacks, a movie in the background and then free time.  Most kids just enjoy the down time with their friends, visit, play and snack.  It is a wonderful moment to see them as the kdis they really are. 

Here is the article, if you are interested in reading it:

Ok...Now, go play!  =)

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