Saturday, December 3, 2011

Let Whatever you do today be enough

I think I found my new mantra! (Thanks Jen for that have no idea how much you helped)!I love being productive.  Some days it happens naturally, some days it seems as though things just get in the way that we have no control over. 

I typically try to have my report cards about 80% finished before report card day so I can spend that day organizing, planning and prepping in my classroom.  This year, for numerous reasons, that wasn't the case.  I felt stressed on Thursday night so I came home with a big stack of papers to grade and work to do.  I then did what everyone does when they want to be productive; I logged on to Facebook only to find a post that simply said, "Let whatever you do today be enough".  At that point, I made homemade strawberry/orange crepes for the first time ever and relaxed.

Amazingly enough, by 2:30 on Friday,  I was finished with my progress reports and working in my room like normal. 

I hope that in the middle of this Christmas Season, you are able to "Let whatever you do today be enough." and enjoy some time for yourself!

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  1. That is a great saying!!! I will have to remember that!! You are such a wonderful Teacher, all your students are so lucky just to have you as their Teacher!!!