Monday, December 24, 2012

Tonsil Recovery

A good colleague/friend from work told me I needed three things to make it through a tonsillectomy as an adult; Ice packs, Jamba Juice and lots of TLC from a loving hubby.  I had many other suggestions from lots of people and I made sure I was stocked up on as much as I could.

Now, my recovery seemed easier than many stories I have heard or read online, BUT, that being said, it still was not fun.  I just kept telling myself, it's not very often, as an adult, that we are given permission to lounge around in our PJ's for 2 full weeks and do NOTHING.  I needed to savor it.

Thanks to my amazing husband, I was able to do just that.  Now, he and I don't get severely hurt or ill very often, so even after almost 9 years of marriage, we still haven't had many opportunities to nurse each other.

Let me say, Matt made it through with flying colors. Waking up in 2-3 times each night to give me food, ice and medicine during Christmas break, cleaning the house while I had my feet up, laying around with me and watching movies, cooking dinners, making Jell-O, and running to the store for random things.  After being home bound with each other, basically 24/7 for 10 days straight, I love him more now than any day in the last 12 years since we met!

Thank you for everything you did for me, and especially all the things you did behind the scenes, while I was drugged.  I really appreciate it!

Love you babe!

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