Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hudson Turns 1

I got to celebrate my birthday at Detroit Lake this weekend.  I had a great time being outdoors and enjoying all the fresh air.  I had family including both sets of grandparents there to celebrate with too.  I got some great new toys and clothes.

On Monday I went to the doctor and got updated statistics.  I am now
27 pounds (99%)
30 inches tall (56 %)

I even took 5 unassisted steps in the camper on my birthday...I am on my way!

Here are some pictures of all the fun!! 

Our new 'Home'
Camping is exhausting

Mommy and daddy are gearing up to go back to work.  I case you didn't hear, daddy got a job at Newberg High School this year.  I am have been spending time getting to know Aubrey, the person who will watch me for at least the first month.  Mom and dad are both sad to leave me, we found a wonderful routine over the summer and hate to see it end!  But, the promise we will go camping once a month in our new 'home away from home' so I am excited for lots of time outdoors!

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