Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hudson Month 24

*35 inches 66th percentile
*31.6 pounds 90th percentile (back on the charts, baby!)
*I still have very few words so the doctor recommended me for speech therapy.  I meet with the people on Wednesday.
*I moved to a BIG BOY BED!  It's so much fun to have more freedom while I sleep.
*I have the ability to open doors, unlock doors, open the refrigerator and get a snack (luckily for mom and dad its usually apples or juice)
*I had many experiences this month
     --I went camping at Detroit Lake; it was so hot.
     --Mom and Dad took me to the beach for a couple days; it was so much fun!  I like the sand, LOVE the ocean and the hotel had a pool! 
     --I went to Wings and Waves with mom, dad and Aubrey.  The wave pool was so much fun and I really liked the water slides.
     --I went to the zoo and had a good time watching the sea lions
     --I mini golfed again and tried bowling
     --I have spent many hours at the splash pads around this area too!  I LOVE WATER
*I am becoming interested in the alphabet and often point out letters in books and on license plates.  My favorite is the W.  (none of the adults know why)
*I love my daily golf cart rides with grandpa to pick fresh plums. 
*I can bear crawl and jump (almost off the ground).
*We got a new pet hedgehog named Quillbert!
*I love anything with wheels or water!!  (This could be why I like the W)

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