Sunday, April 8, 2012


For lent this year; I choose to take a small hiatus from Facebook to see if I could live without it.  I'll be honest; I cheated about 4 times to look at baby photos of colleagues newborns and snoop on a couple of pages for various reasons.  Through the last 40 days, I was reminded of the strength of the power of friendship. I learned to lean on my friends and family through phone calls, texts and face to face conversations and dinners.

Bottom Line: I decided that I will be keeping my facebook account for the time being however, I will be cognizent on the amount of time I spend on it; and if I can communicate using more personal means; I will!

Whether you were visted by the Risen Lord, the Easter Bunny or the Easter Beagle; I hope your day was everything you wanted it to be!

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