Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fraction Factory #2

This past Wednesday, our classroom was once again transformed into a "fraction factory" and Captain Denominator came back to teach.  This year, CD wore a cape, headband and super hero T-shirt!  The class worked with fractions using Hershey bars.  They were able to explore equivalent fractions like 9/12 = 3/4.  We also took time to subtract fractions 12/12 - 2/12 = 10/12 (it's amazing how quick they can be, when eating chocolate is involved).

The kids had to prove their work for Mrs. Rubrecht, in order to be paid (eat candy) for their hard work.  They had to work in groups of 3, open a package of Starburst, tell me the total # in their whole and then what fraction was orange, red, yellow and pink.  They also had to add their two smallest and two largest colors together.  They really worked hard and seemed to solidify fractions a bit more!

This class was a bit less gullible than my class last year, so instead of the turned puppy dog head tilt and Captain Denominator having to field a million questions about why we look alike, have the same hair cut, same shoes, etc..., this year I got a lot of sympathetic smiles and giggles,  a few questions, and a few trying to convince CD that she was really Mrs. Rubrecht.  I think the highlight was when a girl stood up at her desk (at the front of the room), turned around to face the class (specifically the kids that were stating over and over that it was really me) and state "Hey guys, it isn't even 9:00 yet, we are playing with and eating chocolate for Math and the adult is allowing it....who cares, just play along!"  Then she innocently smiled at the class, sat down and asked "Captain Denominator" to continue teaching.

I absolutely love this job! 

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