Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I typically try to stay out of political discussions as much as possible.  One (person, side, business group, organization) tries to convince another (person, side, business, group, organization) to have the same beliefs they have.  Nothing good ever seems to come from it.  I always feel as though I need to be extra careful; being a Republican in a very Democratic job can be difficult.  However, I am already pretty fed up with political crap and the election is still 3 months away so I have decided to take time to share my opinion this way and then let it be.

I believe the Olympic Games have the power to unite a Country but at this current time I believe the USA is more divided than ever before (at least in my lifetime)
I believe Gabby Douglas is a great Gymnast and athlete; not because she is Black but because she is good
I believe that 2 women or 2 men can fall in love and live together in a state of union, but it isn't a marriage
I believe a marriage should be between a man and a woman
I believe in old fashioned values
I believe in Jesus Christ and everything he has to offer me
I believe in the military and am thankful everyday for their sacrifices to keep our Country great
I believe in Free Speech
I believe that there is a difference between Free Speech, Hate Speech and just plain old difference of opinion
I believe that being Politically Correct is making Free Speech harder and harder
I believe that it really is just a Chicken Sandwich

I believe there is a good chance that I was born about 50 years to early, because it feels as though a lot of what I believe in isn't valued in America anymore.

Finally, I believe people will read this and agree with me and some will read this and disagree with me. 

I believe either one is fine because I believe it is OK to agree to disagree

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Happy Politics =/

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