Sunday, August 5, 2012

Anniversary Getaway

To Celebrate our Anniversary, Matt and I went to the Seventh Mountain Resort in Bend. 
Here are some photos from our trip!

A Welcome basket filled with Tilamook Cheeses, crackers, fruit, chocolate and Sparkling Cider
Our View from the patio

With a view like that; how can you not have breakfast on the patio
I've never been a morning person, but the view was beautiful

Enjoying the view and down time

Sparks Lake

Their version of Mini Golf

Yikes...hard to believe I ever complained about the cracks at THS

It got fun when the ball hit the crack

Got dressed up to go out for our Anniversary dinner.  Decided we would go to their resturant only to find out it was more of a dining hall.  So, we grabbed the GPS and found McGraths in Bend. 
We ended our trip with a visit to the High Desert Museum.  Mr. Owl says Hi
Bald Eagles
Now, time to watch some more olympics :)

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