Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hudson Week 7

I have been around now for 49 whole days!
This week was a bit rough at times; I had to finish my battle with constipation, my first cold and numerous bouts with the hiccups.
The last couple of nights I have slept 5-6 hours stretches between bottles; making mommy really happy!
With the beautiful fall Oregon weather, I have spent a lot of time outside.  Mom and dad take me for walks every day and I even got some time outside while momma worked in the garden.

I am a very smiley baby now (although there are only a few pictures to prove it)
Today, I get to take my first trip to the zoo with momma's friend Natalie and baby Nora!

Wearing my elephants in honor of my first trip to the zoo

So comfy

Tummy Time
My legs are so strong, I tend to kick myself over!
(then mom leaves me here long enough to take a picture)

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