Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hudson Week 9

This was a big week for me!

* I officially hit two months old on Tuesday.
* I transitioned into sleeping in my own room.
* I had another fun visit with Natalie and Nora as we walked around the Wildlife Refuge.
* My wardrobe got all switch up as I have grown into my 3 month clothes.
* I am getting the hang of my new bedtime routine: PJ's, Bottle, Books and Rocking with momma.  I have enjoyed The Little Engine That Could, Goodnight Gorilla, Oh Baby, Go Baby! and Green Eggs and Ham.

Mom and dad would like me to get used to my crib, for some reason I can't.  After 20 minutes, at most, I wake and cry!  Any suggestions from other mommy friends?  We thought I just didn't like to lay on my back, because I didn't enjoy naps on the blanket or the couch, but this week I have taken 3 naps of at least 1.5 hours, on my back, in the middle of mom and dad's bed. 

Any Suggestions?

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