Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hudson Week 38

*I am about 50/50 with feeding myself puffs and yogurt melts.  My hand/eye coordination is getting there
*I really enjoy the evening walks and time at the park now that tennis season is over
*I LOVE shower time with daddy and will even try to join him with my clothes on
*Daddy makes funny animal sounds that capture my attention
*I can stand up on my own and love to pull myself up on anything I can get ahold of
*Someday, maybe, I'll decide to crawl; for now I scoot, lay down, roll, sit up and repeat to get where I want to go
*I really love to open cupboards and drawers
*Daddy and I had fun celebrating mom for Mother's Day.  We got her chocolate covered strawberries and spend the whole day with Grandma and Grandpa just playing and relaxing!

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