Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our 7 year Anniversary

     Sunday, July 31st, marked the 7 year anniversary for Matt and I.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Oswego Grill.  Matt enjoyed cheesy garlic bread and ceaser salad, flat iron steak with mashed potatos and cole slaw.  I enjoyed cheesy garlic bread with chicken strawberry spinach salad, ribs and asparagas.  Then, Oswego Grill surprised us with a lovely banana split, Farral style.  After dinner we went and had a great laugh at the movies.  If you are wanting to just sit back and laugh, go see Horrible Bosses!

      Whenever I reflect back on our Wedding or attend someone elses, I am reminded at how perfect ours was for us.  The cermony went great, our music was fabulous and the reception was fun with good food and a great chocolate cake.  I know I teased mom the entire time while we planned this wedding because of her purple folder.  Little did I know that the "purple folder" should now be bronzed or published for others to benefit from.  It contained all the 'secrets' to planning the perfect wedding relatively stress free.  Thanks Mom!

     The years have been filled with 3 moves, many new jobs, graduate school, 5 new cars, new furniture, concerts, tennis, camping, mini vacations, frustarations, celebrations, laughter and fun. 

We make each other smile, think, laugh and grow as a person every day!!

Here is a look back at the last 7 years; wow, how time flies!   
Wedding Day: July 31, 2004
Chili's--1 year anniversary; July 31st, 2005
Seattle: 3 year anniversary--2007
The Bay House in Lincoln City: 5 year anniversary--July 31st, 2009
 Las Vegas; 6th year anniversary July 31, 2010
Our House; 7 year anniversary--July 31, 2011
We are looking forward to many more years to come!


  1. Sounds like a great day! Oswego Grill is our very favorite? Was Kate your waitress?

  2. No, we had Nick as our waiter. Matt and I really enjoy that resturant as well. Did you know that they are opening a second one in Wilsonville in just 2 weeks?